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Fifty Shades of Heaven is more than a mere webcam site. Our focus is always on our girls – their happiness, their confidence and their security, as well as their ability to make quick money. It is so important to our team that you are actually enjoying your web chats rather than just experiencing them, and that you feel supported the entire time.

Aside from the sense of community and daily payment we guarantee, we also strongly encourage you to connect to the other girls too, many of whom have become friends for life. To help you connect and have fun, here are some other perks we offer you…

A Free Training Day

When we said we’ll train you up, we were serious! Alongside the continual support you’ll have from our CEO and team, we’ll also give you a free training day when you sign up. This is no ordinary training day, however, as you’ll be tutored by Ella Hughes, one of the biggest and most successful names in the webcam industry. Learning from such an expert will boost your confidence and give you a real insight into the trade secrets, and you’ll know exactly what to do on your first day. It couldn’t be easier.


Enjoy a Free Photoshoot !

Once you’ve signed up, that’s when the fun really begins. You’ll get to enjoy a free two-hour photoshoot where the end result will be gorgeous photos that are just perfect to showcase yourself online. Advertising is key to this business, and these alluring images will really help you to make a name for yourself. If you’re serious about pursuing this business (and why not?!) these photos will be ideal to build up your brand on your social media platforms and private chats, too.

Attend Our Monthly Parties

At Fifty Shades of Heaven, we know one of your main purposes in life is to make money and have lots of fun doing so. So we invite you to become a REAL part of our community and attend our famous monthly parties. At these fun events you can have a laugh and connect with like-minded girls, sisters and people, and find friends for life. These monthly parties are all run by the Fifty Shades management team and are held at many different venues. We said we’re all about community. We meant it!

But wait! There’s more….

But wait! There’s more

Choose Your Own Lingerie Range 

What better way to get in the mood and kick off your Fifty Shades journey than by choosing lingerie that suits you? From sexy satin two-piece sets to kinky dominatrix inspired outfits, we have lingerie to suit every personality. It’s important for you to feel sexy and confident, and for that you need to feel totally comfortable in what you’re wearing. Don’t be pushed into wearing something you don’t like – choose your own lingerie. As we’ve stressed, this is all on your terms.