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May 2017 Flashback: The FSOH Dream Holiday in Marbella

May 2017 Flashback: The FSOH Dream Holiday in Marbella

In the middle of a freezing UK winter, here at Fifty Shades of Heaven we’re already dreaming about our next holiday. While we’re waiting to book the tickets and pack our bags, we thought it would be good to flashback to last year’s FSOH Marbella holiday – partly to help ease those winter blues, but also to let you know what you too can enjoy as a Fifty Shades girl…

Our holiday kicked off in serious style at the exclusive and glamorous Fifty Shades villa. Worth a cool three million euros, if you’re dreaming of channelling your inner celeb in a pad fit for royalty, you won’t be disappointed: think shimmering turquoise infinity pools, sleek modern decor and grand, airy rooms. Under a bright blue sky and surrounded by tall trees, our villa gives you all the privacy you need; you can swim in the pool or sunbathe on the deck in total peace and quiet.

Once the girls had topped up their tans, it was time for the fun to begin! The Fifty Shades villa opened its doors to a top team of professionals for a fun and sexy shoot. With three photographers, two make-up artists and two videographers (as well as a delicious BBQ), we enjoyed an amazing day of drinking and dancing by the pool while the pros snapped away. This was definitely one of those humbling moments where you think, is this really my job?? For the newest girls to join our team, there were plenty of those pinch-yourself moments on this fabulous holiday-of-a-lifetime.

Another day, we hopped onto a sleek yacht for a day out on the Med. This was another highlight of the trip for many of the girls: we sunbathed on the deck, swam in the warm sea, sank mouth-watering cocktails, watched the sunset, took photos and just enjoyed getting to know one another. It was an unforgettable, sun-drenched sea adventure that has led to many of us becoming friends for life.

But of course, a Fifty Shades holiday isn’t just about sunbathing, swimming and snapping photos… it’s also a chance to let our hair down and party like there’s no tomorrow. Our celeb-style experience continued with VIP drinks at the elite Ocean Spray opening party, where in between dancing up a storm we lounged on the VIP beds. The girls felt like a million bucks; we’d webcammed while getting ready for the night, and it was exciting to see how happy the guys were just watching us being ourselves and having fun.

While webcamming is such a great job for many reasons (the flexibility, money and independence are just a few perks), it can sometimes be a lonely industry too. At Fifty Shades of Heaven we understand how important it is for our girls to know that they’re supported and feel part of our community –that’s why we go all out for our annual Marbella holiday. As we arrived back in the UK, suntanned and glowing and with plenty of special memories, it was wonderful to realise how many genuine friends we’d made on this trip.

We’re already counting down the days to May when we get to do it all over again… and if you’re interested in joining us this time, please get in touch with regards to joining our team 🙂

  • Darcy/ 01.02.2018Reply

    Absolutely thrilled to be part of fifty shades, the mentors are incredible and all of the girls are so supportive of one another. Cannot wait for marbella this year!! Xx

  • Holly/ 01.02.2018Reply

    I can not waitttttttt for this years holiday.. fifty shades is a lot more than just a cam group.. it’s the confidence boost in earnings u thought you’d never achieve, a support network and a family.. love this group!

  • Layla/ 01.02.2018Reply

    So inspirational x no carbs before marbs!! I best get camming so I can join you! Love L 💕💕💕

  • Laura/ 02.02.2018Reply

    This is absolutely amazing I can not wait to be apart of such a wonderful and exciting trip.. most of all I can not wait to meet the lovely likeminded ladies and make some friends.

    What a great perk to a great job win win.

  • Katie/ 10.03.2018Reply

    Best get camming so I can join all you beautiful girls in marbs 💜💜💜

  • Vicky/ 10.03.2018Reply

    What an amazing group of empowered women. I am so glad I found fifty shades, since joining my confidence has boosted and I feel so much love and support from all the girls. Hopefully I’ll be part of this amazing trip this year. It’s an unbelievable perk and makes you wanna work that bit more. Keep doing what your doing girls!

  • Rachael/ 10.03.2018Reply

    I only started around a week ago and my experience has been amazing!! I would like to give a big thank you all the support I get from my mentor 💖

  • Sam/ 11.03.2018Reply

    I am so lucky to be apart of fifty shades great mentors fantastic support 🙂
    A great big friendly family of supportive women since I started camming my confidence has gone from strength to strength … I cannot Thank u all enough xxx

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