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01 What is a webcam model?

It’s simple. A webcam model is a person that is paid to do live video chats online, with clients. The more time a client spends watching your private show, the more money you will earn. Webcam models are, generally asked to pose nude and it is considered to be part of the job. You can be as seductive, cute, conservative or liberal as you like! You’re in control! And you have mentors, guides and friends at Fifty Shades you are with you every step of the way.

02 Do I need to look like a model?

Great question! And the answer is…no, its not all about looks! At Fifty Shades, we encourage you to be yourself. Your personality is the most important factor -as clients are always looking for a unique type of model… you! What we do say, is that you should try to look and feel your best so that you are confident and ready to have fun and make some great cash! The models that make the most money are the ones that have fun!

03 How Much Can I Earn?

You will get paid every second a customer is watching your private show, (yes, every second!). You can set your own rates for private and exclusive chat. In private chat, more than one customer can be in your room. For example, if there are 10 customers you will earn anywhere from £6 – £10+ a minute. On average our models make anywhere from £250 to £2000 a week, which works out about £30 – £60 an hour with some models earning in excess of £5000 per week!

04 How often will I get paid?

Every day before 10am from the previous days work. We are the only webcam company to provide this. No more waiting 2-3 weeks for your pay. Work today- get paid tomorrow. Also, unlike most other webcam modelling sites, we don’t have a minimum payment amount in order for you to receive your money – whether you earn £30 or £3000 you will get paid daily.

05 How Do I get Paid?

We currently pay our models via a bank transfer service into a UK bank account. All we ask is that you have a bank account already open, and you are a British citizen. Being a webcam model is very lucrative – and with these serious earnings, you need to make sure you look after your accounts. We have an accounting partner who you can talk to about this, and make sure you are totally covered!

06 Will I show up as a webcam model on a background check?

No. We really value your privacy, and therefore will ensure that your identity is kept under wraps. You are self employed and are contracted through us. So, really there isn’t any need to let anyone know, either in any current or future job roles. The records will only show that you are a self-employed contractor with. We are very discreet with our webcam models, to ensure every one of them feels safe and protected.

07 Is my personal information kept private?

Of course! We absolutely do not share your information with anyone. We are a registered business and ICO registered (Information Commissioners Office) which means we take data protection very seriously. If you have any further concerns in this area, please talk to our CEO and team, who will answer all of your questions.

08 How do I get clients? How do clients find me online?

Great question! Because we are operated and run by a feminine collective, our team will jump online when you do, and direct the right traffic to your account, so that you don’t really need to advertise, and will get clients sent to you online! That’s the beauty of being a part of Fifty Shades of Heaven. This also means you are always safe, protected and guaranteed work. Perfect!!

09 What do I need?

You need to be 18 years old or over and hold a British passport. You will be asked to provide a copy of relevant identification. You will also need:

◦Desktop PC, or laptop (a Mac will also work)

◦Webcam – HD to maximize your earnings (recommended)

◦High speed internet connection with an upload speed above 0.65 MB/s. You can test your speed at speedtest.net. We recommend a HD webcam capable of streaming in 720P

Nowadays, most computers have a webcam built in, so you dont need to worry about a thing.

10 Are there any fees at all?

There are no fees to join up, but we do take 14% of your daily earnings. With the amount you earn though, you wont be able to even notice!

11 How do i become a successful webcam model?

Being successful in the webcam modelling industry starts with being reliable to your customers. Whether its publicizing your schedule and sticking to it, or giving your customers the experience they’re after, the biggest tip we give new models is to just keep broadcasting often. We recommend you create a twitter account to build followers and promote your Fifty Shades of Heaven link when online. We can even help you with this, if you would like!

12 What other support resources are there?

Fifty Shades of Heaven is built for you, to help you get where you want to be. We can help you in any way you would like – if this means profile writing, website building, or just hints and tips. You will be a part of a community, and get invites to monthly parties and gatherings, as well as the chance to have your own photoshoot done. On top of that, you’ll have 1-1 support and get paid daily!

13 Where do you work from?

This is totally up to you. We have no studio or workplace; so you can work from home; your bedroom, lounge, kitchen or wherever you feel comfortable! We definitely advise you choose somewhere private, where you wont be disturbed and can be fully concentrated on the webcam, and your new clients.

14 What makes Fifty Shades different from other webcam businesses?

We organise monthly parties, give free photoshoots away and get you training with some of the top women in the industry. You are in touch with the team on a regular basis, and get to meet the other girls too – which means being with 50 Shades is a fun experience!

15 What kinds of people do well in this job?

Women who are bubbly, have big personalities, want to have fun and earn lots of money, do well as webcam models.